Sixth World Chronicles

Episode 001 – Silver Angel – Session 1 Part 1 – Getting Acquainted


Change is in the air, Chummer. They call this the year of Shadowrun, the time of great upheaval, signs of a new age, a twisting of the world we know and love into something bigger and meaner. Call it an evolution, a shift, or maybe just an awakening. Doesn’t matter how the exact dice lay down. All we know for sure is that if you’re addicted to the loving drug of the Sixth World, then fella you’re gonna feel that bone breaking metamorphous and it’s gonna hurt good. A new edition is just over the horizon, two digital games, and an army of side games ranging from cards to miniatures to some corporate war board game. Gives me the shivers something fierce in a way I love.

But change comes at a price. Flesh is ripped, data is lost, and friends become ghosts. Sometimes the things we know and love have to become something very different to survive, and the Hiddengrid is going through such growing pains. The great SysOp Zendead started this place. Brought some much needed Shadowrun audio love to the Matrix, and though the beacon flared sparingly it flared mightily. There were a number of voices that joined Zen, from new runners to some who’ve been there since the 2050’s went VR2. We got to enjoy a great actual play, and we started to learn more about the core mechanics near the end there. But time, time’s a dirty slitch who frags with your plans when you’re not looking. Time rips leaders and loyalists away, and keeps you from the mountain no matter how much you want to climb it.

So with that we come back around to change and survival. The landscape’s shifted out there. Hiddengrid isn’t the only voice echoing out across the RTG’s. New Voices praise the Sixth World and new places to gather and share the awakening have found nesting grounds. The voices grow and whispers are heard everywhere. What Hiddengrid was doesn’t necessarily need to be anymore because others hold those banners. Time to reassess, find out what safe houses haven’t burned to the ground, and pick a target. Well, we’ve spent some Karma, and decided to pull out an old strategy guide. Hiddengrid isn’t fading, isn’t becoming an echo. It’s becoming a new podcast with the burning spirit of the old blazing through it.

First things first, the captain of this ship is changing. Zen’s out; off fighting the good fight with life, time, and some nasty dragons life’s thrown at him. And I’m taking his place.

Dramatic flash of lightning

Chair swivels

Everyone Gasps

That’s right, nulloperations is taking the helm. I promised you a few months ago a project that was to join up with Hiddengrid, and instead of casting out sails alongside Zen’s mighty galleon as a little skimmer, we decided to throw up our grappling hooks, steal all the pay data, and let sail our flag. Today I give you the new direction of the Hiddengrid.

Hiddengrid: The Sixth World Chronicles goes live now.

Download Episode 001 – Silver Angel – Session 1 Part 1 – Getting Acquainted

That’s right! It’s here! I know, I know, “What took you so fragging long?” Look, I’m sorry. Some nasty IC hit up the first few attempts at recording this past summer and then some jerkoff uploaded some asshole sprite onto my system. I don’t want to talk about it anymore than that. All that matters is we’re here, we’re recording, and we’re producing for your audio pleasure. We’re bringing you weekly Actual Play episodes of real players playing real campaigns in the Sixth World. We’re not just going in with the random stuff though. Oh no. We’re going for a theme here for this game.

With Shadowrun Returns coming out, it sparked the release of the book that’s our holy grail, the 2050 Sourcebook. Why does this special setting book matter? Well, clearly you haven’t listened to the episode yet. It’s where we’re starting! We’re going old school and starting characters off back in the good ol’days. We’re also looking at running in some of the classic adventure books, up-converting them to 4th ed (and eventually 5th ed) rules, and slipping ahead through time adventure by adventure. You’ll get to see how these old modules worked and what it takes to run them today. I’ll be explaining my method for conversion and what and why I left some behind. Characters will grow, learn, and die fighting. A group of Shadowrun noobs will fall in love. Also, we might even buy some nerps.

That’s not all though. Turns out, Zen’s not completely gone! While times not on his side most days, we’re forcing him to carve out enough time to join a game once awhile. Zen won’t be the only guest player though, as we’re going to kidnap other folk’s Matrix feeds and force them to join the table from time to time, and see what they like about being stuck in the Sixth World. It’s a mess of change and we’re moving ahead with it.

You’ll be noticing a few major changes with the site in the next few days. First of all, the forum’s toast. There are some major new and old places to chat up the Sixth World, and Hiddengrid doesn’t want to dilute them. Don’t worry, we’ll be making our presence known on the realms so you can keep in touch with us. The Gallery’s going, and the download section is being folded into the blog. We’re also going to be introducing regular content. Post episode commentary will be going up, brought to you by me and the players. Review of Shadowrun related content and content inspired by or inspiring Shadowrun will also go up.

Things are changing, and we’re working with the way the wind’s blowing. This digital ship is casting off again, and we’ve found a Matrix stream we like. Come join us in the Sixth World, and the tales we will chronicle. We’ve got karma to burn.


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