Brother Shango


108.0 k

Total: 40
Karma: 35
Street Cred: 1 (4)
Public Awareness: 2
Notoriety: -3

Street Cred:

Metatype: Wakyambi

+50% Walk/Run Speed, +1 Reach, Low-Light Vision

Archetype: Magician
Attribute Unmodified Enchanced
Body 3 5 (Astral)
Agility 3 3 (Astral)
Reaction 3 3 (Astral)
Strength 2 5 (Astral)
Charisma 5 5
Intuition 3 3
Logic 4 4
Willpower 5 5
Edge 2 2
Magic 5 5
Essence 6 6
Initiative 6 6 (Astral)
IPasses 1 3 (Astral)
Stun Health Bar 11 11
Physical Health Bar 10 10
Quality Effect
Magician Full Mage capable of Astral Project, Sorcery, and Conjuration
Focused Concentration +2 die pool on Drain Resistance
Gaes – Pacifism -1 Magic Attribute when causing harm or having caused harm to other living beings (includes spirits and non-sapients). Restored by aiding injured people or correcting the physical harm done to another./td>
Gaes – Somatic -1 Magic Attribute if not gesturing when casting.
Signature Add the character’s street cred to anyone trying to track down the character.
Bad Rep 3 Points of Noterity, this cannot be bought off until the player character makes amends for what caused this. Reason: Murderous Vendetta
Mentor Spirit +2 Illusion and Detection Spells
-1 when surprisedish
Skill Group Skill Rating Attribute Specialization
Animal Husbandry Skill Group
Animal Handling 1 Intuition GROUP
Animal Training 1 Intuition GROUP
Riding 1 Reaction GROUP
Vettech 1 Logic GROUP
Sorcery Skill Group
Counterspelling 4 Magic GROUP
Ritual Spellcasting 4 Magic GROUP
Sorcery 4 Magic GROUP
Conjuration Skills
Banishing 3 Magic GROUP
Summoning: Spec-Air 4 Magic GROUP
Influence Skill Group
Con 2 Charisma GROUP
Etiquette 2 Charisma GROUP
Leadership 2 Charisma GROUP
Negotiation 2 Charisma GROUP
Assensing 1 Intuition
Percepton 1 Intuition
Dodge 1 Reaction
Attribute Rating
Commlink Model – Built into Glasses: Transys Avalon
Response 4
Signal 4
Custom Built OS
System 4
Firewall 4
Software Rating Skill
Analyze 4 Computer
Browse 4 Data Search
Command 2 Varies
Edit 4 Computer
Spell Category Spirit Type
Combat Guardian
Detection Man
Health Earth
Illusion Guidance
Manipulation Task
Drain Willpower + Charisma
Spell Type Range Duration Drain Effect
Mind Probe M T S (F/2)+2 Each hit grants more knowledge – Fetish Spell, +2 drain resistance with Fetish. Can’t cast without. Fetish: A silver Ring with spider sigils carved into it.
Stunball M LOS I (F/2)+1 Stun Damage
Stunbolt M LOS I (F/2)-1 Stun Damage
Control Actions M LOS S (F/2) Control Target actions, target can resist every (force) turns
Mask M T S (F/2) Mana Illusion – Hits = Threshold to break illusion
Stealth P LOS S (F/2)+1 Physical Illusion – Hits = Threshold to notice
Improved Invisiblity P LOS S (F/2)+1 Physical Illusion – Hits = Thredhold to notice
Physical Barrier P LOS S (F/2)+3 1 Armor/Structure per hit.
Deflection P T S (F/2)+1 +1 die per hit to avoid ranged attacks
Shatter P T I (F/2)-1 Physical Damage

Glasses (Magnification)
Lined Coat 6/4
Clothing, Test Chic 0/0
Formfitting, Full Suit 2/2
Detection Fetish (Small silver ring) 2
Conjuration Materials Rt 4
Credstick Rt 3
Parashield Dart Pistol (10S,-2 AP, SA 5©)
90 Narcojet Injection Darts (9 boxes of 10)
Stun Gloves 5E S
Manipulation Sustaining Focus (gold ring) 2
Power Focus 1

Ford Americar: Handl 0; Accel 15/15; Speed 100; Pilot 2; Body 10; Arm 6; Sens 1

Edusarthe: Tribe Shaman C4/L3
10 percent from selling magical items from Mr. Black
Info Broker C5/L2
Smuggler of Living Beings C5/L2
Eve C4/L1
Dorin Hilly C2/L4
Jorgen, Combat Mage C1/L1
Freya C1/L2
Val C1/L2

Merlin Hawk, Untrained, Oya
Come (Instinctive)
Magical Watchdog (Moderate, 10/12)

Synergist Business High-Collar Shirt 1/0 (Nonconductive 2, Fire Resistance 2, Insulation 2)
Synergist Business Slacks 1/1 (Nonconductive 2, Fire Resistance 2, Insulation 2)
Synergist Business Suit Jacket 3/2 (Nonconductive 2, Fire Resistance 2, Insulation 2)
Synergist Business Longcoat 4/2 (Nonconductive 2, Fire Resistance 2, Insulation 2)
Form-Fitting Body Armor Full-Body Suit 6/2 (3/1 for determing encumbrance)
Glasses Rt 4 Flare Comp, Magnification, Imagelink, Built In Commlink
Magesight Googles
Detection Fetish (Small silver ring)
Conjuration Materials Rt 4
Fake SIN Rt 3
Parashield Dart Pistol (10S,-2 AP, SA 5©)
90 Narcojet Injection Darts (9 boxes of 10)


Brother Shango

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