A quirky punk dressed elf passing herself off as a human street child. Only at twelve years old she is tougher than some of the members of her party.


20 k

Total: 28
Karma: 23
Street Cred: 0 (2)
Public Awareness: 1

2 Survival Karma
4 Kidnap Karma
3 Defeat Eclipse
1 Guts Karma
1 Motivation karma
1 Parting Comment

Street Cred:


Eli- The human appearing twelve year old elf Decker shadow runner.

Eli is normally dressed in punk clothing. A black shirt with matching pleated skirt. The lines on it in purples and pinks.Her belts on her outfit in matching colors with her outfit. Seeing Eli has a few secrets of her own most of her body is covered in fabric. From the stripped socks, and knee high boots, to the finger less gloves the ran under her long sleeves. A stripped scarf around her neck, black lower mask over her nose and mouth, as well as a head cover. The head cover open on top to let all of her dreads out and to cover those long elf ears. Making her appear as the four foot, six inches human she wants everyone to think she is.

Eli was not always on the street and eating at the soup kitchens of Settle Downtown. Nope she was born with that sliver spoon in her mouth. Born into a wealthy family, she had everything she ever wanted. It was until she could understand that they were controlling every aspect of her life that got to her. As her parents started to see her potential of being a computer genus they pushed her more and more for it. But Eli, as she was, is not one to be pushed around. So when she thought she could and was old enough in her mind she ran away. Packing what little she could in a large back pack and climbing down the fence in the back yard. She ran what seemed to be hours until she reached the down town area. She will never tell anyone, but the first few nights she was scared out of her mind. But once she saw the soup kitchen and were she could sleep at night she was alright. Living a simpler life without the pressure of her family, and learning the ropes of street life. After a few months she started to walk the streets. Learning the gangs, what colors they used. What they were all about. Gaining her a small rep as a computer hacker that could get small jobs done for them. And a decent neutral delivery girl for messages. Word got to a local cop and from then on out he became like a watchful big brother for her. Making sure she got what she needed and helping him keep a eye on the gangs. She still sees him as a good guy and calls to check in once a week. By the time the third month rolled around she was looking around on the security nets of the local cops and found that she had a bounty out on her head. Interesting enough it was set out by her parents. “Wanted Alive for 20,000.” Eli was a bit shocked and made more of a effort at that time to hide herself. Not that she hadn’t been covering up her ears and looking human, she just did more now and was a bit more careful about who she talked to. After almost a year on the street Eli has found herself in a shadow runner group. While the people here don’t treat her to badly, it makes her wonder. Although her skills are pretty good for the computer this new group seems to throw her into everything. Shooting people, kidnapping, and fighting spirits…her life has never been the same.


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