Haruhiko Blake

Former corporate security lead now underworld butcher


Haruhiko’s stats can be located in the Silver Angel Adventure book. This is a Canon NPC and stats will not be posted.


(Source: Silver Angel)

Tall and gaunt, Blake wears his hair unstylishly long and often done up in multiple braids. Black war-paint his his favorite.

Born to well-placed parents employed at the Mitsuhama Wake Island Facility, Haruhiko Blake spent his life as a child of the corporation. Raised entirely at the MCT Compund, he saw nothing of the real world until his parents’ transfer to San Francisco during his first year of high school. The differences between the Idyllic paradise of the Wake Island facility and Tokyo West were staggering. Banking on his parents’ pull and his own prowess, he enrolled in security training, hoping to move quickly up the ranks. He did, and by the age of 30, Blake was Head of Security at Cavilard Research Center. When implicated (unjustly) in the computer-time theft scandal, he was forced to leave Mitsuhama abruptly.

In a rapid spiral downward, Blake became part of the Seattle underworld, which quickly embraced a man of his talents. His years at MCT served him well, and it was not long before he had maneuvered to a position of power at a chop shop hidden deep in the Barrens.

During The Sixth World Chronicles

  • Blake first made contact with the runners during the events of “Silver Angel.” Mr Black owes him a debt to be repaid later.

Haruhiko Blake

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