Sixth World Chronicles

Preamble: Getting Rolling

(cross-posted from the Hiddengrid Podcast)

Shadowrun has long been a favorite system of mine. I’ve been a player since I found out about 2nd edition from the SNES game. I’ve run a number of games since the mid-90’s ranging from newbies to Shadowrun to newbies to role playing in general so I’ve seen my fair share of the streets and shadows of what the sixth world has to offer. Being invited to run the game for the Hiddengrid podcast was an opportunity I couldn’t pass on. While I would have loved to have seen Zendead running the game, as discussed on a recent episode of the show, some things just aren’t meant to be. I’m sure he’ll be making an appearance in the game at times, but for now you’ll have to get your shot of his presence from the main show.

So, what’s coming down the pipe? Well, there’s some changes since Episode 18. As indicated, I’ll be running the game for the Sixth World Chronicles. The game has found an official name, a home on the forums, and a home over on Obsidian Portal. We’ve kept a few of the players from the episode and switched in two more (hey I got a promotion, I needed someone to take my decker slot). There’s ground work being put in but I’m going to get things ready to roll by June. Until then, keep a watcher spirit over on the forums, the blog, and over on the obsidian portal site for details.


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